Choco Fantasia, the ultimate bakery destination is the brainchild of Mr. Atikur Rahman. He is an amazing cake artist, who started his journey in 2016. He always had a keen interest in the art of baking but he never thought of making it his sole livelihood. His journey from a part-time baker to a master cake maker & bakery teacher is an interesting one.

Side Hustle

At first, he started making cakes for his friends, colleagues as he loved this as a hobby. Soon enough, his cake making skills
started getting recognition from friends, family and acquaintances. But at that time, he didn’t have enough confidence to opt this as a full-time profession. He worked in various companies as a graphic designer and baking was mainly an additional activity.

Gradually, his fine artistry in baking made his cakes immensely popular and from the end of 2018, he chose this passion as his only occupation. He never took any professional training on baking, but by diligently following bakery related websites, YouTube videos and through trial-and-error method he learned and honed his cake baking skills.

True Calling

He always wanted to create something which was a bit different from the trend. And that is why, his artistic confectionary designs are always unique. In the genre of customized baking, he stands out among all through his exquisite fondant artwork and sumptuously delicious taste of his baked items. He does not take orders in bulk as he always wants to maintain the gold standard of his work. From birthday parties to wedding anniversaries, he delivers personalised spectacular & delectable cakes which elevate the celebratory experience. Now, apart from making one-of-a-kind flavourful layered confectionary delicacies, he has also started taking special classes for beginners, who want to make their career in the field of confection.

The brand Choco Fantasia was founded before 2018, when Mr. Rahman started his journey as a naive baker. Slowly, his creation has become a name to reckon with amidst the confectionary community of West Bengal. This brand name is not only recognised as the finest store of splendid and creatively baked items; but now it is also an institution for fondant confectionary
art classes for novices.